Bear and I have been loyal clients of Donna’s for over 8 years. Her passion, caring, and excellence to detail will keep us faithful to Diva Dog forever. Donna, you are the best!

– Andrea Sutherland, Guelph, Ontario

Donna has been Katie and Alfie’s groomer for all their lives. They love going to Diva Dog to see her, they know her name! We consider it well worth the drive from Lindsay for their grooms for we trust no one else with our beloved babies.

– Nancy and Harry Meredig, Lindsay, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for squeezing my guys in at the last minute and doing such a great job with both of them. I thought I’d send you a photo from our photo shoot today. The photographer mentioned Cody’s coat and said they both looked great. I told him it was your work that did that! I’ll book an appointment to have Cody in for a clip but I’m going to enjoy his beautiful coat for awhile first. Thanks for taking such good care of them.

– Hilary Watson, Guelph, Ontario

Thank you so much for taking such extra special care of my baby boy, Blue. He looks amazing and he’s soooo happy! He’s been strutting all over the place showing off his new look. Everyone has already given him so many compliments on how handsome he looks and how downy soft he feels. Blue feels so relieved to be rid of all the pesky knots and tats, but confesses that he does miss his doggy odor, lol. Thank you for making our first time ever professional grooming experience an amazing one! See you again soon!

– Angelique Megens, Fergus, Ontario

Happy Endings

This is Bella, a 2 year old Poodle X. From her sweet little face and expression you would never know she was a shark in disguise when we first saw her. She was a year old and had never been groomed. She was all teeth and fear when she first arrived at our doorstep, and hairy. It has taken Jenny a year of grooming to get her to this point of being able to be groomed and she now loves it! She has no fears about grooming and stands patiently while it is being done. This is one aspect of our job that we love. Helping little dogs like Bella who have had no experience or bad experiences to come to enjoy a day at the spa and of course, we enjoy having them come too!!

This is Sam, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever Mix. When we first saw Sam in May, he hated grooming. He would bark constantly. He was all over the table making it very difficult and dangerous to try to do anything with him. With patience, understanding and consistency, Sam soon learned that grooming was not what he first thought of it. He began to enjoy it. He comes in now, barks hello and lays in his bed. This is what we at Diva Dog try to attain. Changing one dog’s life in 6 grooms. He does not hate the idea of being here now. He loves the cuddles and attention which is the way it should be for all dogs at their groomers.

Here I am with a long time client, Marjorie Myles and her little Pekenese B.J. Marjorie moved to Hanover and I hadn’t seen her for a year. When the groomer left Marjorie tried other groomers but was not pleased with the way B.J. was treated and acted after. She now comes to see me again, and says that it is worth the drive to Guelph to know that B.J. is looked after for she has had major back surgery and needs special handling. In the summer Marjorie brings a lunch and sits outside in the sun enjoying the country setting, and reads while B.J. gets her “coiffure”.