Our Philosophy

Diva Dog is a holistic pet grooming spa dedicated to the special needs of your pet. Our philosophy is that your pet is an individual, meaning that each and everyone pup is different, with their own personality and special needs. Here at Diva Dog we aim to provide top quality grooming and styling services, but also prefer to consider the “whole dog”, which means looking beyond the fur and hair. In doing this we can not stress the importance of building a relationship with you as a client and your pet in safe and comfortable environment.

Our natural shampoos are aromatic and hypo-allergenic, unless otherwise specified or required by your veterinarian. We use hydro-massage and gentle hand massage techniques while administering warm baths. As we are recently new and growing, we currently use music, and in future we aim to use aromatherapy in our grooming area and may at times use flower essences (100% safe and natural) to help allay your pet’s qualms or anxieties about the grooming process. Sometimes this is just not enough for your furry baby and we will recommend working with stronger tranquilizers; this requires co-operation between your veterinarian, us as your groomers, you and your furry family member. We specialize at working with senior pets and difficult pets to overcome their fear of grooming as it should never be an un-enjoyable experience. Many times, through working with your pet, we can wean them off of sedation medications once they have gained our trust. Building trust is our ultimate goal.

When signing up for your grooming session, we commonly try to gather as much pertinent information about your pet as we can, diet, behavior/temperament, medical issues or concerns, and so on. The more we know the better we are able to form a whole “picture”of your pet, which enables us to make recommendations and better understand any skin/coat, health or behavioral issues that may require professional veterinary, nutritional or behavioral consultation. We encourage your feedback, so that we can serve both you and your furry family members to the highest possible standard.

Grooming Services

When grooming your pet, we strive for a look that is both natural and elegant. We prefer to keep dogs looking as as cute as possible, suited to your wishes, your lifestyle, and if preferred by you, as close to breed standard as is possible. We offer services such as hand stripping, carding and coat restoration (restoring a coat whose color and texture has been damaged due to close clipping or shaving), in addition to hand scissoring. We offer a variety of services, some still under development for the truly “spa-esque” pet. For those wishing a customized look for their pet, we will do the best to work to your specifications, however please understand that we sometimes have no choice with what we can or must do to work safely and to make your pet comfortable, but do understand that our best work comes “from the heart”, and for the love of pets when we are styling.

We use only the finest-quality products during the grooming process, and we are continually searching for new products and learning new techniques that may be helpful and pleasing to and for our clients. For dogs with skin conditions, we have a variety of choices of botanically derived veterinary recommended medicated shampoos. Many of our shampoos are organic and geared to accommodate sensitive and allergy-prone pets.

Owner Participation

We encourage owner participation as part of the “whole” grooming process. Just ten minutes a day will not only help keep your pets’ coat in optimal condition, but also serve as a wonderful bonding activity and enable you to detect health issues and presence of parasites before they become a problem. We will be happy to guide you as to product, brush and comb selection for your particular breed of dog and help you to get on a grooming schedule and maintenance plan that keep your pet’s coat in great shape, which will benefit you both.

Final Note

Diva Dog has stemmed from a lifelong passion for dogs, balance, natural healing and communication techniques for animals. We work closely with other pet professionals in the holistic pet sphere – including trainers, pet product suppliers and nutritional consultants.

Diva Dog welcomes you and looks forward to growing with you!