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About Jenny

I am an avid dog/bird/fish lover and own two wonderful dogs Friskie, my “Muppet” and Winnie, my little “Piddles” with the radar dish ears. I have loved and been involved with dogs since I was little. It all started with my cousin in Germany acquiring his first dog, an Irish Setter named Barry. Funny thing, back in Canada I also bonded closely with another Irish Setter named Clancy. After school I would go by the fence and he would put his paws up and greet me with a slurpy wet one. He always seemed to be starving for attention, and I was more than willing to provide him with all the attention he wanted. I volunteered at a few local vet clinics and the humane society - so you would think that with such an affinity for animals I would have gone into an animal related field. Nope.

Instead, I pursued a degree in Earth Sciences and Geography and later a degree in Education at Guelph University. .

So how did I end up as a groomer? Occasional teaching just didn’t cut it for regular income so I took a part-time kennel technician position with the Guelph Animal Hospital in 2004 – I was back with the animals and totally loving it. The best choice I ever made. While working as a kennel tech, I observed Donna grooming - and it fascinated me, especially when she groomed the “difficult” pets. In 2005, I was offered an opportunity to learn grooming with big box pet store. In 2006, after achieving honors in my grooming exams, I was offered the assistant groomer position with Donna. So that is how I ended up becoming a groomer.