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About Donna

My grooming life began in 1973 when I decided that I wanted to work with animals in any way, shape or form. I came from a small town called Campbellford, around the Peterborough area. I had a reputation in that town for my love of animals even then. If someone in town found a wild animal that needed caring or an orphan that needed raising, I was always called and I had a new baby to care for. Our house at any time always had a menagerie of animals around. Pigeons, dogs, cats, chickens and squirrels, learned to drink from the same bowls. So it seemed natural that when I finished high school, I would have something to do with animals.

Back then, there were no grooming schools or colleges that taught Veterinary Technician courses. Everything was a hands on learning process and you learned every aspect of the Veterinary clinic, from receptionist to veterinary nurse to grooming. I picked up my first pair of clippers at the Airport Animal Hospital. I then went on to work at several veterinary clinics, perfecting my craft of grooming.

Guelph’s favourite groomer three years in a row

I started Diva Dog Pet Grooming in 2008 and it’s been going strong ever since. Dogs love it here at the Dogwood Centre. It’s bright and roomy – the dogs can see us all the time.

It doesn’t seem right to be taking money for playing with dogs and puppies all day, but I love it! I love the idea of teaching puppies about grooming the proper way, in language that they understand. Mind you, it’s not always kisses and wagging tails. We deal with many “Problem children”, some who other groomers will not touch, or have a difficult time grooming. I have the scars to prove it. Our proven formula for teaching puppies has worked for many years now. That is the way it should be done. And I love helping older dogs who do not like grooming. Their experience at Diva Dog is a positive one and they go home being happy.

I have been grooming for 36 years now yet I still go to seminars to learn new advancements. I like to be on top of things in the grooming world so I can offer my clients whatever it is they want from grooming.

To all of you I say Thank you for that trust and giving us the chance to know your furry babies.


Tetley dissing us.

Tetley not dissing us.